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Parks in general are considered the lungs of every town – or any other place, for that matter. Ústí nad Orlicí also has several parks that contribute to a higher standard of living. Some of them are suited for relaxation in the shade of the trees while admiring the decorative water elements, others are open to the sunshine and ideal for summer picnics. One park in particular is perfect for silent contemplation.

Summary Parks

Park at the Church

The park at the Assumption of Virgin Mary Church is a true architectonic gem. It is the result of the project “Revitalisation of the Urban Conservation Zone”, which was finished in May 2018. Right in the town centre, there is now a unique park facility, inviting not only to rest and silent contemplation, but also allowing passage between the town centre and the Roškot Theatre. You can simply pass through, rest on a bench with a book for a while, enjoy a cup of coffee or stay for an afternoon picnic under the large tree-tops with your friends. Granite thresholds embedded in the park trail signify the most important milestones in the town’s history.
The new park – built in the place of the old cemetery – is in harmony with the genius loci and forms a peaceful oasis in the busy town centre.
The heart of the park is the St. John Paul II Meditation Chapel, which was created by rebuilding the former mortuary. Its silence can be disturbed by the sound of the unusual tubular bells that are operated by a gentle hand movement. On the trachyte floor, covered with luminous, vibrant pieces of glass, lies an open heart consisting of little stone blocks and coloured glass. The walls are decorated with fresco paintings of angels, on whose wings children float. The space is completed with two angel statues made of polychrome wood.
Although the idea of building a park around the church dates as far as to 1908, it was actually carried out only after 110 years

Awards the park has won:
  • Winner of the regional round in the competition for the best preparation and implementation of the “Regeneration Programme for Urban Conservation Zones 2018”
  • Award “Modern Municipality 2018”
  • Honourable mention in the competition “The Building of the Year in the Pardubice Region 2018”