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Educational Trails

Several educational trails can be found directly in the town, others are spread around the near surroundings. For those who want to learn something about the town, there is the educational trail in the nature park “Wolkerovo údolí”, featuring interactive boards with information about the local nature. Let’s see who can jump farther than a squirrel, guess whether you are taller than a deer and have some fun with the animal-inspired pairs game. Another educational trail awaits you near the camping site Cakle at the Tichá Orlice river in the outskirts. The trail leads through a romantic landscape in the immediate proximity of a bike path and is suited not only for bikers, but also for tourists and inline skaters. Six boards inform about the history of the camping site as well as about the local fauna and flora. Of high educational value is also the “Natural Museum of Geology and Hydrology” trail or the educational trail in the “Údolí sejfů” valley, which is covered with a carpet of snowflakes and filled with their scent each spring.