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Ústí nad Orlicí lies at an intersection of numerous cycling routes that will take bikers and inline skaters through the beautiful valleys of the Tichá Orlice and Třebovka rivers in three directions to Choceň, Letohrad and Česká Třebová. Totalling nearly 40 kilometres in length, the bike paths are characterized by a mild terrain and frequent rest stops for refreshment.

Bike paths  with asphalt surface have an even and undemanding profile. They were built between 2007 and 2009 and are pride of the entire region.

Ústí nad Orlicí – Letohrad – Žamberk (No T 18, 11 + 7 km)

This cycling route leads through the valley of the Tichá Orlice river to Letohrad and Žamberk. From Ústí nad Orlicí you will pass through the camping site Cakle (active tourism resort) with the possibility of having a snack. The route goes on via Lanšperk past another refreshment stall right at the bike path and further via Valdštejn (rest stop with children’s playground) to Letohrad. From there you can go on via Lukavice to Žamberk. Particularly suitable for inline skating is the part from Ústí nad Orlicí to Letohrad (starting point at the camping site Cakle or the Sporthotel Tichá Orlice hotel, exit at the rest stop before Letohrad). 

Ústí nad Orlicí – Česká Třebová (No T 4061, 10 km)

The bike path leads through the valley of the Třebovka river, mostly overlapping with municipal roads. The route goes from Ústí nad Orlicí via the Hylváty quarter where you can visit the brewery with a top-class confectionery. You will then go through Dlouhá Třebová (rest stop with children’s playground) to Česká Třebová. This route is not suited for inline skating.   

Ústí nad Orlicí – Brandýs nad Orlicí – Choceň (No T 18, 10+5 km)

The bike path will take you through the wonderful valley of the Tichá Orlice river along the towering rocky slopes. It goes from Ústí nad Orlicí via Kerhartice (rest stop) to the settlement Klopoty (rest stop with children’s playground) where you can refresh yourselves at the “U Pildy” snack bar. The route goes on to Brandýs nad Orlicí where you can visit the natural labyrinth. After that you will pass through the nature park Peliny to Choceň.  This cycling route is rightly considered one of the most beautiful. It is well-suited for inline skating along its entire length (possible starting point is the rest stop in Kerhartice).